Our Team and Expertise in Crafting Unforgettable Safari Experiences

Our comprehensive knowledge base, along with our network of service providers and suppliers, ensures that we deliver unparalleled travel experiences. Christopher possesses extensive first-hand expertise in the regions we cater to, having resided in, worked in, and explored southern and eastern Africa, Oceania, Indonesia, and South America. Through independent travels and professional assignments, he has acquired a diverse understanding of accommodations and customizes trips to accommodate diverse preferences. Our selected lodges, hotels, dive centers, safari operators, trekking guides, and vehicle rental companies undergo rigorous testing and approval. Additionally, all our partners are members of their respective country’s tourism organizations.

Our journey and dedicated team: Indigo Safaris specializes in tailor-made and packaged travel experiences in Africa. Founder Christopher Bartlett’s passion for Africa blossomed during a trip to Namibia in 1997. Subsequent visits and a move to KwaZulu Natal in 2005 led him to become a safari and underwater guide. Combining these passions with photography and writing, he ventured into assignments across East Africa for diving publications, further enriching his destination knowledge.

Upon returning to the UK in 2009, Christopher leveraged his expertise to establish Indigo Safaris. In 2015, he encountered Ines Moosmann during an educational trip to Uganda and recognized her as a seasoned professional, inviting her to join as Senior Safari Consultant. Ines boasts sixteen years of experience in the travel industry, with a profound understanding of lodges and camps across Africa and beyond. Her multilingual abilities and yoga teaching credentials complement her role.

In 2018, Ines assumed the position of Sales & Product Manager, later becoming a company Director in 2021. Matthew O’Brien, who joined in 2019, brings in-depth knowledge of southern Africa safaris, coupled with a passion for client interaction and storytelling. Kerry, our Cape Town-based team member since 2022, draws from extensive guiding and itinerary crafting experience across Southern and Eastern Africa to ensure exceptional guest experiences.

Matthew Milward, a recent addition from early 2023, contributes six years of safari specialist experience and global travel exposure, while Michele Addison, with over two decades of industry experience, brings a profound passion for African wildlife and bush exploration. Her upbringing in Zambia and Botswana, combined with work across multiple African countries, underscores her dedication to sharing unparalleled safari experiences with our clients.

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